Lionel Patea has been jailed for life for killing Tara Brown.
Lionel Patea has been jailed for life for killing Tara Brown.

Patea gets life sentence over brutal murder of Tara Brown

UPDATE: LIONEL Patea has been sentenced to life in jail for the brutal murder of young Gold Coast mother Tara Brown.

The former Bandidos bikie tracked his estranged partner to the day care centre where she had dropped their daughter, pursued her in a high-speed car chase, forced her off the road and savagely beat her with a fire hydrant in September, 2015.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard neighbours on the scene first thought Ms Brown had been in a car accident and Patea was trying to free her.

When they discovered the awful truth both bravely tried to fight Patea off but he threw them aside and continued to relentlessly strike Ms Brown across the face and head.

In a hysterical triple-0 Ms Brown can be heard screaming for help.

Up to 28 "thumping sounds" are heard in the background followed by silence.

Multiple fractures to Ms Brown's face and head, including one directly to her exposed brain, were said to be "un-survivable".

Patea later turned up to a Gold Coast police station with multiple self-inflicted stab wounds and asked to be "locked up" because he had done "something bad" to his former partner.

Justice Debra Mullins said the fact Patea had expressed remorse made "no difference" to the sentence she would impose.

She said the victim impact statements of Ms Brown's mother and the two neighbours who tried to save her, illustrated how "far reaching" the effects of domestic violence could be not just on the victim's family but all who were caught up in or by the "tragic events".

"Ms Brown was the fatal victim of your domestic violence," Justice Mullins said

"She lost her life at your hands in a traumatic and horrible way.

"Her understandably hysterical triple-0 phone call shows she was fearing the worst.

"She will not now have the joy of seeing her daughter grow up or fulfil the promise of a life that she had led until she was killed by you.  

"Her mother and siblings have lost a much loved daughter and sister and your daughter.

"You have to live every day of your life knowing you deprived Ms Brown of her life and your daughter of her mother."

Ms Brown's murder drew enormous public attention to domestic and family violence, an epidemic which her mother Natalie Hinton described in court as "a national tragedy of crisis proportions".

EARLIER: THE mother of murdered Gold Coast woman Tara Brown has stared down her daughter's killer telling Brisbane Supreme Court the narcissistic monster killed her baby girl and turned her into the face of the "national tragedy" that is domestic violence.

This is after Ms Brown's estranged partner, former Bandido bikie Lionel Patea, admitted on Monday to forcing the 24-year-old off a road at Molendinar, on the Gold Coast and savagely attacking her with an iron water hydrant cover in September, 2015.

The barbaric attack left the couple's three-year-old daughter without parents and prompted a public outcry.

Raw grief is evident at the court house where crowds of supporters are outside holding signs urging for stop to violence against women while the public gallery is packed with grieving relatives and friends who sobbed on Monday morning as Ms Brown's mother, Natalie Hinton, read out her victim impact statement.

Wearing a white ribbon, Ms Hinton stood in front of the dock where Patea sat, using her moment to not only tell of the devastating impact her daughter's impact had on her family but also, the nation.

She said when she rushed to the hospital her daughter, who had suffered what the court heard were "survivable" injuries to her face and skull, she was "motionless, bandaged, bruised, black and blue…a shadow of her beauty".

She recalled watching the classic traits of domestic violence unfold before her, as a false sense of comfort was created to make Tara feel like she was loved and the "the relationship was going well".

"But I knew what was really happening," Ms Hinton said

"He was constantly seeking validation…making it all about himself.

"Then I watched as the gas-lighting tactics came into use… it heightened her feelings of self-doubt and her confidence declined.

"The monster was now in control…she feared him.

"This narcissist saw only his selfish behaviour and proceeded to make her life hell…continuing his abuse and repulsive threats until he murdered her.

"From the moment I received the phone call…I knew. I knew in the pit of my stomach he had found her and murdered her.

"I was told those few words no parent should ever have to hear in their life time - 'the magnitude of Tara's injuries are fatal, she is not going to make it.

"She gave as she always did…her huge heart found the strength to hold on to life for another 36 hours and she gave to us all time to say goodbye.

"My poor girl…this misogynist narcissist had murdered my baby girl.

Ms Hinton went on to say her daughter's murder had had "far-reaching effects".

Most painful of all, was the daily conversations she had to have with the grand-daughter she was now raising who at the "tender age of three had her innocence stolen".

"We now have the life changing reality of accommodating and nurturing a parentless child ... what father would do this to his own child?"

"She misses and askes for her mother every day without fail…has gone from saying 'I want Mummy, I miss Mummy to I want to see Mummy' and just the other week she asked me 'will I be getting another Mummy just like my Mummy?"

Ms Hinton said Tara's death had "impacted our nation".

"I am beginning to see welcome changes to laws, awareness, education and the tolerance of society as the appalling cost of human lives to domestic and family violence has become a national tragedy of crisis proportions.

"I am overwhelmed and extremely grateful to all who have supported us through this torrid experience and would like to personally recognise you all for your copious amounts of love and prayers. Thank you".

Patea will be sentenced at 2.30pm.