Hervey Bay's own Disney dopplegangers.
Hervey Bay's own Disney dopplegangers. Contributed

MOANA?! Disney doppelganger found in Hervey Bay

MOANA Clark didn't quite expect to have friend Emma Ruffe pulling overtime as an agent today.

The Bayaroma employee has embraced the "15 minutes of fame" since a photo of her and brother Thomas went viral.

"We were just laughing about it," Moana said.

"We took a photo and I sent it to my boss, then Emma posted it on Facebook and it's gone viral.

"We're quite busy (at Bayaroma) today but I've had a few stares."

The pair share a striking resemblance to the major characters from Disney flick Moana.

Pictured with toy versions of Moana (Moana) and Maui (Thomas), the image has already been shared hundreds of times across various Facebook pages.

The animated adventure film is now showing in cinemas, but the real Moana apparently works at the thriving Torquay business

It started as a chance encounter with a Maui figure Moana found in Big W.

She made it made the perfect Christmas present for visiting Thomas, who has since started the journey back to his Wollongong home.

"I told mum it was him so we got it for Christmas," she said.

"He unwrapped it and we thought it was pretty funny."