Chris Waller has weighed in on the state of Queensland racing.
Chris Waller has weighed in on the state of Queensland racing.

Fix Eagle Farm and you fix the state: Waller

CHAMPION trainer Chris Waller has weighed in on the debate about the health of Queensland racing, suggesting strong leadership is needed to help the industry realise its full potential.

Waller showed his faith in Queensland by setting up a Gold Coast satellite stable last year and he has had 33 winners in the state so far this season.

He also made purchases at the recent Magic Millions QTIS Sale and is as keen as anyone to see Queensland prosper.

"I think the state has so much potential," he said.

"I think some of the administration and planning side of it is pathetic and they need a good leader, grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and they will turn it around in no time.

"Get the basics right there and it looks pretty good. But there's a big gaping hole which puts the state up for criticism."

At the centre of Queensland's woes over the past few years has been the embarrassing mishandling of Eagle Farm, the negligence of which continues to have an impact on every aspect of the industry from wagering to tired track surfaces.



"Not having Eagle Farm, I don't need to say anymore," Waller said.

"I think that would spell out Queensland administration and leadership - and that's headquarters (for the state's racing).

"Don't fall into the trap of putting hands in the air and saying it's too hard, because it's not. Get it sorted out.

"Don't think that any state is not going through the same issues. We've had the same problem with the Kensington track, which has put extra load on four tracks (Warwick Farm, Canterbury, Rosehill and Randwick), but God knows how they're surviving with one track in Brisbane.

"Horse wastage comes through poor track conditions, poor training conditions. They need to be got right.

"Then you will get investor confidence, punter confidence back, you are going to stop all of this negative talk, which we are all guilty of and you can say, wow, how good's this great state with weather, good climate and pretty attractive place to race a horse and bet on a horse."