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Photo Kelly Butterworth / CQ News Kelly Butterworth

More evidence needed in support of medicinal cannabis oil

RESEARCHERS and medical experts say more evidence and research into cannabis oil is needed before it lands in the hands of children with disabilities and cancer sufferers.

The Australian Medical Association Queensland said a "comprehensive framework" was needed to control and monitor the use of medicinal cannabis oil.

Similarly, CQUniversity school of medical and applied sciences Dr Andrew Fenning and Rebecca Vella said potential users needed to be "cautious".

"We do know there are risks associated with marijuana,," AMA Queensland president Chris Zappala said.

"We know, for example, that the use of cannabis can contribute to mental illness and the long-term effects of prescribing medical cannabis are not known... , particularly if we're talking about kids who might wind up on marijuana of some form for some years during their critical years of growth and development."

Listen: Researchers explain their findings from cannabis extract project:




Dr Fenning and Dr Vella, who have completed research into cannabis extract and its impact on animal models of cardiovascular disease, said testing and trialling the usage would be beneficial.

"Up until now the usage hasn't been documented heavily or regulated," Dr Vella said.

"People (using medicinal cannabis) may or may not have been taking this with other medications so it is hard to tell what is causing the positive effect.

"Now this has been approved at least we will start getting more comprehensive data."