More options for girls in state-wide school uniform code

SCHOOL girls must be able to choose to wear pants or shorts under a new state-wide student dress code.

From next year, all Queensland state schools must offer more uniform choices for girls, including shorts and pants.

A recent review of school uniform standards found 60 per cent offered pants and shorts to girls.

Education Minister Grace Grace on Sunday released the Department of Education's updated Student Dress Code procedure, following an extensive review and consultation with stakeholders.

 "We know around 60 per cent of state schools are already offering these uniform options for girls, but we found that some schools had not updated their student dress codes in many years," Ms Grace said.

"All Queensland girls should be able to engage in active play and classroom activities or ride their bikes to and from school without being restricted by what they're wearing.

"At the beginning of the year, I heard loud and clear from students, parents and carers that it was time for a change to reflect community expectations.

"I asked the department to update the uniform policy to ensure we have 100 per cent of state schools offering the full range of options, including pants and shorts for girls."

Ms Grace said state schools, together with their parent community, would review their current dress code ahead of the 2019 school year.

"I'm happy to leave it to schools to decide what design, colour or style of uniforms should be introduced in consultation with their communities, including P&Cs," she said.

"I'm sure all schools will come up with new uniform options that best meet the needs of their students."

Key stakeholders were involved in the statewide policy review, including P&Cs Qld, principals associations, Girls' Uniform Agenda and the Queensland Teachers' Union, and fully support the change.