More strife for Billy Gordon could lead to new election

CROSSBENCH MP Billy Gordon's continued strife with money owed in child support could prompt a general election.

Mr Gordon allegedly owes $34,000 in child support payments to two women, after a second debt of $18,370 was reported by the Courier Mail

The revelation comes a year after Mr Gordon promised to deal with the situation, with the latest register of Members' Interests showing the debts are still owing. 

On Sunday Premier Palaszczuk left Housing Minister Mick De Brenni to answer questions about Mr Gordon, who used to be a Labor MP, while Opposition Leader Tim Nichols criticised her for "relying on his vote to stay in power".

Mr Gordon refused to answer specific questions about the situation, saying only that claims were 'inaccurate'.

In March 2015 Mr Gordon said he had "moved immediately to rectify my taxation matters" in an address which has now become the subject of a Speaker's investigation into whether he misled the house.

"This has been a long, complex process. I am satisfied with my progress'', he said.

If the investigation were to find the MP for Cook had misled the house it would likely lead to a general election.

Mr Gordon also refused to respond to questions about allegations he had not updated his taxable income from $74,000 for the purpose of determining correct child support payments.