Give us a look: Jailers wanted to know what the visitor had in her mouth (File)
Give us a look: Jailers wanted to know what the visitor had in her mouth (File) Maxpixel/CC0 Public Domain

Mouth-to-mouth drug swap foiled

A KISS was supposed to deliver a sweet stash of drugs to an inmate.

But convicted burglar Julian David James Huth never got the kiss.

He didn't get the drugs either.

Instead, a court heard he got three weeks without TV and an additional 12-month jail sentence.

Huth, 23, shared the dock on Monday with Amie Lee Dippelsman, 24.

Both pleaded guilty to supplying drugs in Wacol jail.

The court heard Huth was previously sentenced in 2014 at Warwick for burglary; at Maryborough in 2016 for property offences; and at Toowoomba last year for using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Prosecutors said Huth breached his parole, which was cancelled on October 3 last year.

Brisbane District Court heard police investigating prison drug rackets monitored phone calls last year.

The pair spoke in code, but weren't cryptic enough to evade suspicion.

The court heard prison staff detained Dippelsman, asking her to open her mouth.

Inside was a balloon.

Inside that was the opioid medication buprenorphine.

The Crown said prison staff learned Dippelsman and Huth planned to transfer the package during a kiss.

Huth's defence counsel James Benjamin said there was no suggestion Huth planned to sell buprenorphine inside prison.

He said his client had "visits severely curtailed" in prison and spent three weeks denied access to radio, TV and books.

"He has been subject to some level of punishment already."

Mr Benjamin said Huth had experienced drug problems since the age of 17 or 18.

Judge Anthony Rafter sentenced Huth to a further 12 months in jail.

Huth's parole eligibility date for the previous sentence had already passed and he can apply for parole again immediately.

Judge Rafter told Dippelsman: "You seem to have reasonably good prospects of rehabilitation".

She was convicted and sentenced to two years' probation and told to report to Toowoomba.

Attempts to smuggle buprenorphine strips known as "stubbies" into jails have landed other people in court this year.

In April, two people were convicted in a week after separate plots to smuggle buprenorphine by hiding it in jail visitors' bras. -NewsRegional