Bryan Cranston and James Franco in a scene from the movie Why Him?
Bryan Cranston and James Franco in a scene from the movie Why Him? Scott Garfield

MOVIE REVIEW: Why Him? will have you asking why this?

WHY this? It's been difficult finding reasons to be optimistic about this new film from the veteran of average but marketable American comedies John Hamburg.

The premise of an overprotective father becoming horrified after meeting his adoring daughter's new boyfriend has surely been explored enough already.

Even Hamburg himself has had ample opportunity in this territory when he somehow made three Meet The Parents movies.

However, apparently adding a generic sub-plot about technological advancement and the struggle to hold on to outdated ideas (the irony of which was clearly lost on the filmmakers) and the instant credibility of Bryan Cranston was somehow enough to justify another round.

Make no mistake, you've seen movie before and probably didn't enjoy it all that much that time either.

Between the cardboard cut-out movie dad, the inappropriate and obnoxious boyfriend and the goofy hijinks that inevitably ensue, this film gives absolutely no reason to become engaged with the story of these paper-thin characters.

The only bearable moments are thanks to a very talented cast of actors going above and beyond what's expected and somehow finding a way to make you chuckle at something unfunny.

If nothing else, and with a title as generic as the film itself, you can't accuse Why Him? of being dishonest.

Why Him?

Stars: James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch.

Director: John Hamburg.

Rating: MA 15+

Rating: 1/5 stars