A MACKAY man who died on Mt Everest on Sunday had made a PowerPoint presentation about the deadly ­effects of altitude sickness, in which he warned himself to be vigilant or he'd wind up "buggered".

Francesco Enrico Marchetti, 53, died from the illness hours during an expedition that had been years in the making.

On his descent, at an altitude of 8000m, the elements took hold.

He continued for another 500m before he died on the mountain's Tibetan side.


Francesco Enrico Marchetti has died after suffering from altitude sickness. Picture: Facebook
Francesco Enrico Marchetti has died after suffering from altitude sickness. Picture: Facebook

Before Mr Marchetti's departure from Mackay to Nepal on March 23, he made the PowerPoint presentation called "Everest 2017 - Acclimatisation and Altitude Sickness Prevention".

It outlined the possible health problems he would face, including coughing up bloody, mucus-filled foam and haemorrhaging in his retina.

The PowerPoint, made in August, featured a photo of someone in a portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber - used to treat altitude sickness patients - with the caption: "If you end up here your trip will be buggered!"

Mr Marchetti was due to return to Mackay on June 4.


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Francesco Marchetti as he headed to conquer Mt Everest

His death prompted tributes from across the Mackay region yesterday.

Mr Marchetti's long-time friend Mayor Greg Williamson said it was "a very, very sad day".

"He is amongst the most principled, honest and driven men I have ever met," he said.

"We knew he was making another attempt at the summit after an earthquake finished his last one.

"Frank's goal was to get to the top."

Sandy and Frank Marchetti have signed up for the Kick the Kilos app, walking the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
Frank and wife Sandy Marchetti.

Mr Marchetti - a 33-year Army Reserve veteran - had previously conquered the Kokoda Trail, Mt Kilimanjaro and the Inca Trail.

He had also once reached 7055m on Everest's north side but failed to make the summit.

In 2015, Frank led a group of Mackay residents on an expedition to the Everest Base Camp.

Altitude sickness is caused by acute exposure to low partial pressure of oxygen at high altitude.

Its symptoms include confusion and slurred speech, stumbling and unco-ordinated movement.