HERE TO HELP YOU: Tracey Du Toit, Hayley Fernie and Dr Armin Tadj are looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment.
HERE TO HELP YOU: Tracey Du Toit, Hayley Fernie and Dr Armin Tadj are looking forward to seeing you at your next appointment. Troy Jegers

Multi-million dollar Gympie CBD business site opens

A MULTI-MILLION dollar dental surgery opened up last week in the heart of Gympie.

Integrity Health Dental Services is located at 34 O'Connell St and boasts beautiful views of the CBD and consists of two surgeries, with the potential of expanding to 18 surgeries and a pharmacy in the future.

Dr Armin Tadj
WELCOME: Dr Armin Tadj of Integrity Health Dental Services on 34 O'Connell Street. Troy Jegers

Practice owner Armin Tadj said the process took two-and-a-half years.

"From when I purchased the land to getting it approved by council and then finding a builder, it took 2.5 years but we're happy to be open and have quite a few plans to keep on expanding in the near future,” he said.

The businesses ethos is to provide excellence in patient care, serve with integrity and honesty and to advocate for respect, dignity and equal opportunity.

Eighty people applied for the dental nursing position, but only the best three people were selected.

Dr Tadj is optimistic that as his business grows, up to 40 people will have jobs.

"It's a huge employment opportunity for Gympie, as the clinic fills up, I believe we will have 40 people employed,” he said.

"The reason why I practise dentistry is to help people. The four people employed have that same passion for health care and helping people. They are friendly and seek ways to resolve problems which I find are fundamental within the industry. I always say 'treat people like your own family'.

"My belief is that if you treat people well, the business will come on its own.”

Receptionist Hayley Fernie.
Receptionist Hayley Fernie. Troy Jegers

The unique thing about Integrity Health is its use of "cutting edge equipment.”

"Everything we have in this clinic is all new and is the latest equipment which will help provide customers with the best of the best,” he said.

"When I set this place up, every procedure that I wanted to perform for my patients was researched and the right equipment selected so we could do that.”

One of the equipment is a special ultra sonic cleaner which ensures that equipment is sanitised prior to the heat sterilisation process. This makes the sterilisation process much safer for the dental nurses.

"It's about making things safer for our patients and for our staff as every dentist will have some person come in with an infectious illness and you don't want that to spread,” he said.

"Staff will place the equipment into the special ultra sonic cleaner and then into the latest and greatest heat steriliser, and after that's all completed, a bar code will be placed onto the sterilised equipment letting us know it's been cleaned properly. This is then scanned into the system, so that every single patient can have documented proof that they were safe and protected when they visited our surgery, as the correct process had been implemented.”

To ensure the surgery is running smoothly, Dr Tadj designed a "pass through cupboard”; so if an equipment is placed in the cupboard, it can be easily accessed from another room.

Integrity Health Dental Services is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am-5pm.

Please phone 5402 3003 to make a booking.