The man injected his disabled brother with drugs and is now facing a raft of charges.
The man injected his disabled brother with drugs and is now facing a raft of charges.

Mum offers $20K bail surety for son accused of drug assault

A MAN charged with serious assault and robbery has accused the apparent victim of injecting his disabled brother with a drug.

Brenton Lee Kelly, 34, a dozer operator from Laidley, made the unsubstantiated accusation during his failed bail application in Ipswich Magistrates Court on three serious charges.

Kelly is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to a man at Regency Downs on Monday, December 2; robbery with an act of violence/armed/in company; and entering premises with intent.

He is also charged with possession of dangerous drugs at Laidley on December 4.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said police opposed bail, maintaining there was a strong case.

Sgt Dick said the allegations showed a disturbing level of violence that involved three males and a female.

He said Kelly was considered by police to be an unacceptable risk of committing further offences if granted bail.

Sgt Dick said Kelly was already on bail for other offences including possession of a shortened firearm.

Making the bail application for Kelly, lawyer Michael Gatenby said while the charges were serious it was not a run of the mill scenario.

He said he'd spoken to Kelly's mother who was a corrective services officer.

"She confirms that a disabled son had been injected by a person with amphetamine and she has made a complaint," Mr Gatenby said.

"(It was) reported to Crime Stoppers as police had not done anything. I make no criticism of police."

Mr Gatenby said Kelly had given a version he "slapped around a drug dealer who injected his disabled brother".

He said while one of the males was said to be armed with a machete, police had not said if Kelly was.

Mr Gatenby said the only injury was alleged to be a punctured lung and the case was by no means open and shut.

"His mother offers a $20,000 surety. I've spoken with her," he said.

"His mother has made complaints. Other people have also.

"He has (assault victim) been observed lingering outside school yards and a hairdressers."

Magistrate Andy Cridland said that was no basis to be bashed, or for vigilante justice to be tolerated.

Mr Cridland said he'd also considered written submissions and a summary of police facts being alleged.

He noted the existing charges against Kelly.

His matter is adjourned to December 18 for mention.