Leisl Pyke-Nott has been accused of failing to alert the NSW Department of Education of
Leisl Pyke-Nott has been accused of failing to alert the NSW Department of Education of "corporal punishment" and the alleged lack of supervision of children at a Casino childcare centre that she managed.

Mum complains after finding ‘handprint’ on son, court told

A MOTHER who claims she found a handprint "mark" on her child's back after he attended a Casino childcare centre was yet to get answers to what caused the mark, a court was told.

The accusation was heard in Casino Local Court as the director of Rainbow Station Early Education Centre, Liesl Pyke-Nott, faced allegations relating to the actions of one of her employees, Anthony Purcell.

The NSW Department of Education allege Mr Purcell inflicted physical harm on a child at the centre, leaving a hand mark on their skin, in August 2017.

The department has also alleged Mr Purcell failed to supervise children properly while on duty in October 2017 and failed to clean up broken perspex in the playground area of the childcare facility in August 2017.

While no charges have been laid against Mr Purcell, the childcare centre's director, Liesl Pyke-Nott, 46, has been charged with four counts of having liability when a body corporate contravenes and one charge of giving false information to a regulatory authority on May 21, 2018, when questioned about Mr Purcell allegedly inflicting harm.

Ms Pyke-Nott did not have any educational or care qualifications, according to court documents.

Meanwhile, Ms Pyke-Nott's company, LPN Childcare Pty Ltd ATF Liesl Pyke-Nott Family Trust, which operates the Rainbow Station Early Education Centre, was facing two counts of not protecting children from harm or hazard, two counts of failing to report information and educators not meeting required qualifications.

Casino Local Court yesterday heard several witnesses will be giving evidence over the coming days.

Yesterday's witnesses included a mother, who had filed a complaint with the Department of Education, after she failed to receive an adequate response from Ms Pyke-Nott about what had caused the red mark on her three-year-old's back.

"As I put him in the bath, I noticed the mark on his back which to me looked like a handprint," the mother said.

"I tried multiple times to contact Liesl, I sent her text messages as well.

"That's why I made a complaint because I didn't get any answers to what happened to him.

"I still don't know what happened to him to this day.

"Initially I was told there was no witnesses to what had happened. Then I was told Karen, who was an employee there, was there to witness."

The mother said she had been offered to view the CCTV footage of the day in question but was then later told "the footage had been lost, or there was an issue with CCTV footage" and she could no longer view it.

Former Rainbow Station employee Sarah-Lee Pordin also told the court about an incident involving Mr Purcell, who had reported to her broken Perspex in the playground.

Ms Pordin said she had noticed the Perspex had not been cleaned up from the sandpit and playground area, after she'd informed Caitlin Pyke-Nott, Ms Pyke-Nott's daughter and a Rainbow Station employee.

After the childcare centre's maintenance log from that time period was submitted into evidence, Ms Pordin said she did "not make an entry" about the broken Perspex because she wasn't aware a maintenance log existed at the centre.

The hearing was set to continue today.