Mum says 'boot camp' for noisy 'mouthing back' teen

A MUM brought before a Gladstone court over complaints about her teenage son's noisy party, told the magistrate he would be sent off to boot camp.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said police were called to the house at 9.45pm on Friday September 2 because of a noise complaint.

Sergeant Stevens said there had been a large number of youths in the back yard yelling and loud music.

The woman had been warned and the group of teenagers left the property.

However, police had been called back at 11pm and saw a large gathering of male teenagers in the yard and could hear excessive yelling.

The woman, 43, had been moving them inside to continue the party. She was charged with a noise abatement offence.

Defence lawyer Stacey O'Gorman told magistrate Melanie Ho it had been the woman's 16-year-old son's party.

"She effectively lost control of the children. Her son is going to boot camp as a result of this," Ms O'Gorman said.

"The children were being quite obnoxious and not listening to her.

"Her son was mouthing back.

"She acknowledges the party got out of hand and that she was unable to control the children."

Ms O'Gorman said the mum had called police at one point that night.

"They don't normally have problems with their neighbours but they understand this got out of hand," she said.

Sgt Stevens said the offence usually carried a $245 ticket.

"There will be no more party's I gather at that address," Ms Ho said to the mum, who laughed.

After consideration of the offence and its circumstances, Ms Ho made the order of absolute release from the offence.

She said the mum had no history of offending and it was appropriate.