The judge said Guymore should not be sent to
The judge said Guymore should not be sent to "idle away the hours” in jail. John Weekes

Mum snapped for jailhouse drug plot

A MOTHER'S bid to sneak drugs into jail by stashing them in her bra was stubbed out after an intercepted phone call. 

Former Rockhampton woman Shakena Rosemary Guymore contacted a prisoner last year. 

Brisbane District Court heard a plan was hatched to bring buprenorphine strips known as "stubbies” into jail.  

Guymore, who now lives in Brisbane, initially denied having anything to declare. 

But the court heard prison intelligence staff had monitored a phone call about the drugs. 

When a search was proposed at the jail, Guymore admitted having a package. 

The court heard a few dozen orange strips were wrapped in plastic and stashed in the bra. 

The drugs were a brand of the opioid buprenorphine, which is used for heroin and methadone dependence. 

The court heard Guymore, 29, would not say who the strips were for, but the package was worth more than $2000. 

Judge Michael Burnett, who often sits at Rockhampton, said Guymore's criminal history was minor. 

"It's street level offending. There's no history of drugs, which is heartening.” 

The court heard Guymore was taking educational courses and trying to organise long-term employment in the service industry. 

Judge Burnett said it was better for Guymore to be in the community than "idling away the hours” in prison. 

"From what I've been told, your aspirations are reasonable,” he said. 

"One hopes they can be achieved.” 

Guymore was given six months' jail, suspended at once, operational for one year.  

It is the second time in a week someone has been convicted after a buprenorphine bra plot was busted. 

In a different case on Friday, a Toowoomba man was jailed after his relative tried sneaking the opioid into jail by brassiere. -NewsRegional