INFERNO: Taryn West and her three children are
INFERNO: Taryn West and her three children are "lucky to be alive” after their car caught fire on Charles St on Wednesday. Ellen Ransley

Mum, three children escape car inferno

A MOTHER and her three children are "lucky to be alive" after their car burst into flames.

Taryn West and her kids were on their way to visit her mother when her Dodge Journey SXT began billowing smoke.

The Roma mother pulled her car over on Charles St South about 2pm on Wednesday, pulling her children and nappy bag from the car just before the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames.

"I noticed the smell of smoke so I pulled the car over," she said at the scene on Wednesday.

"As I stopped the car I noticed the smell got even worse, so I just got the kids out of the car and told them all to move. It seems like it's an oil leak... there's oil all over the road.

"I called mum and she got all the kids away and we just watched the car go up in flames."

It took firefighters about 40 minutes to extinguish the inferno.

Ms West purchased the 2010-model car nine months ago, and had just received the car back from her Sunshine Coast dealer after four months of maintenance work.

"It had a bad smell, and that's why we sent it away," Ms West said.

"Four months it's been away to get fixed, which seemed a bit dodgy."

Ms West's mother Kayleen said it was a miracle nobody had been seriously injured.

"This could have killed my family," she said. "They were on their way to pick me up to go down town.

"We could have all been in the car - or it could have happened on the highway.

"Thank God nobody was hurt, but that was scary."

Firefighters, police and paramedics all attended.

Ms West and her nine-month-old son were transported to Roma Hospital.

The family is now in need of an infant car seat.

If you are able to help, phone the Western Star on 45784104.