Jim Christodoulou appealed his jail sentence claiming it was too high.
Jim Christodoulou appealed his jail sentence claiming it was too high.

Mum's $12k inheritance gift goes up in (marijuana) smoke

A MAN caught with up to $12,000 of marijuana claims his jail term was excessive because he never sold drugs ­and only used them to help ease his back pain.

Jim Christodoulou, 60, was sentenced to nine months' jail after pleading guilty in September in Bundaberg District Court to possessing dangerous drugs.

Police found 1.422kg of cannabis, along with clip sealed bags, scales and $2340 in cash at his Bargara home in December 2018.

Christodoulou claimed he had been using the drugs for 20 years as pain relief after he fractured his back in a horse riding accident and had used his mother's inheritance money to buy the drugs.

He told the court he smoked it and rubbed oil made from the plant on his back every night.

Christodoulou disputed that the drugs were in his possession for a commercial purpose.

Judge William Everson was unconvinced by Christodoulou's testimony that the drugs were for personal use and sentenced him to jail.

Christodoulou, who had no other history of drugs charges, challenged the sentence in the Queensland Court of Appeal on the grounds that it was manifestly excessive.

The court released its judgment on Tuesday, refusing the appeal.

The justices noted that while the sentence imposed was a harsh one, they did not find it was manifestly excessive.

Christodoulou's parole eligibility date remains at December 11, 2019. - NewsRegional