A man was jailed for violently attcking a woman in fornt of her five children. FILE PHOTO
A man was jailed for violently attcking a woman in fornt of her five children. FILE PHOTO

Mum’s 5 kids see her violently attacked, bitten on face

A man who threw his partner to the ground in front of her five children and knelt on her stomach so she couldn’t get up has been jailed.

The woman was left with an injured cheek after he bit her on the face twice in the attack, which sent the woman’s children fleeing to a neighbour’s house, except for one who stayed armed with a stick to protect her.

The man had been in his early 20s when he started a relationship with the woman who was more than 10 years older than him, his lawyer told Gympie Magistrates Court earlier this month when the man pleaded guilty to the attack.

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“The relationship was a very rocky one - he was too young to embark on a relationship where he was the co-carer of five kids,” the lawyer said.

Both parties were subject to a domestic violence order and the woman had been dealt with in court for her part in the violence, the court heard.

His lawyer said the man and woman had been drinking on the night and a “silly argument” broke out that had escalated to pushing and shoving.

The man’s defence said the woman had scratched her partner’s face, punched at him and bit his ear, and had also armed herself with a tomahawk and smashed the windows of a car, which was later written off.

Police prosecutor Campbell said the aggrieved in the case was the person who ended up with the main injuries.

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“She was the victim with the more sustained assault against her,” she said.

She said the man had a history of violently breaching DVOs and described one past attack where the man had dragged the woman from her bedroom and assaulted her including putting her false teeth back in her mouth causing her to taste blood.

She said the defendant should serve a prison sentence.

His lawyer said while a prison term was appropriate, he asked for a suspension or immediate parole.

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“Sending him to prison would be destructive,” the lawyer said.

“He has stayed single and is committed to getting his life back on track.”

Magistrate Kurt Fowler convicted and sentenced the man to 12 months prison and ordered he serve three months, with the remaining nine months suspended.

The man’s sister, who was supporting him in court, cried as he was led away.