MODEL CHOOK: Max Cosgrove and his closet-full of chook threads will be pecking into Jumpers and Jazz.
MODEL CHOOK: Max Cosgrove and his closet-full of chook threads will be pecking into Jumpers and Jazz. Belinda Cosgrove

Mum's cancer battle inspires 11yo's quirky business venture

ELEVEN year-old Max Cosgrove's fashion empire all started from a desire to make his mum laugh.

After breast cancer treatment took her hair, Max's mum Belinda Cosgrove wore a beanie to keep her head warm.

Wanting to get a rise out of his mum during her period of darkness, Max sewed up his first "cheanie", a beanie fitted to the head of his pet chook, with the help of his grandma,

On a whim he posted the product to Facebook that night and the next morning he was flooded with orders for his now viral chicken fashion product.

"People love to support a little man with a dream, but also people just love their chooks," Mrs Cosgrove said.

Max's mother said his entrepreneurial spirit had been strong since he was a child.

"I remember he took all his unwanted toys and brought them out the front of our property to sell," Mrs Cosgrove said.

"Unfortunately we live on a farm property so not many people came past but the idea of making and selling things has always been appealing for Max."

A year, multiple articles, several television appearances and an array of new products later, Max will be bringing his products to Warwick for the Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

"I am really excited to come meet all the locals, I will be bringing my pet chook 'Princess'," Max said.

'Princess' is a fitting name for the Naomi Campbell of chickens, who will be used to model the huge array of feathered fashion Max now has on offer.

"I have 'chumpers' which are jumpers for chooks, 'chinis' which are bikinis for chooks, and chicken head-bands," Max said.

Warwick has a special connection to the Mount Larcom based family.

Max's great-grandfather Lindon Cosgrove used to own Warwick's own Sandy Creek Pub with his wife Neita.

"We have never seen the Sandy Creek Pub where my father-in-law Glenn grew up, apparently his father's name is still on the wall somewhere," Mrs Cosgrove said.

Max will be using the Celebration of Local Flavours event on July 27 to launch his latest product, the "chand-bag", a hand-bag designed to carry chickens around.

Since the launch of Max's Chickens, Max has been donating a portion of his business' proceeds to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

"I'm amazed I've raised such a lovely young man, proud does not do it justice," Mrs Cosgrove said.

Max's chook fashion can be purchased online through his Facebook page here.