Head lice - a scourge of Australian children.
Head lice - a scourge of Australian children. Contributed

Mums' formula gives nits a hit

THREE Aussie mums, frustrated with their children's ongoing head lice problems, joined forces to come up with an effective solution to treating nits.

Fed up with products failing to rid their children of head lice, Melissa Barrett, Michelle Olden and Gaby Bracks developed Hit Nitz 4 6.

Free of nasty chemicals, the revolutionary new treatment is based on the active ingredient wormwood.

After researching medieval bug removal methods, the mothers stumbled across wormwood, a herb used in ancient times to repel fleas and bed bugs. The mums soon discovered the ingredients also worked against head lice.

The Hit Nitz 4 6 treatment process incorporates two products to not only remove nits but also provide continued defence against head lice.

Simply apply the Once Off Lotion generously to the hair and scalp for four hours before washing out. There is no need to comb out the lice, making the treatment process much more pleasant for children and parents alike.

Customers are then advised to use The Control Spray daily to end the head lice cycle.

Melissa Barrett said customers were shocked by the product's results.

"We have been blown away by the feedback we get from our customers," Ms Barrett said.

"People who have 'tried everything' give our product a go and can't believe it when it actually works. I think we've saved quite a few mums from despair."

The range includes a 250ml Once Off Lotion RRP $19.95 and a 250ml Daily ControlSpray RRP $22.95. Hit Nitz 4 6 is available at most pharmacies and health food stores or from www.hitnitz46.com.