CCTV footage revealed Kylie Munn had stolen over $2000 of goods from her employer.
CCTV footage revealed Kylie Munn had stolen over $2000 of goods from her employer.

Mum’s sneaky tactics to steal $2k from employer

A Coast mum was fired from her workplace of eight years after she stole over $2000 of goods through a number of sneaky tactics, a court heard.

Kylie Maree Munn, 52, was fired from her job as a cashier after she was caught stealing more than $2000 of fuel, cigarettes and money.

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Police prosecutor Stephen Potter told Maroochydore Magistrates Court Munn had been employed at a Sunshine Coast petrol station for eight years.

She went on a stealing spree during April this year, in which CCTV footage showed she had used a number of tactics to steal from her workplace.

The court heard a customer paid for cigarettes with coins which were left on the counter.

Munn pocketed them.

On April 26 this year, Munn stole petrol by authorising the pump for her own car and also stole a packet of cigarettes from the cabinet.

Munn continued to steal more that same day.

"A customer enters the store and makes a purchase," Sgt Potter said.

"CCTV footage shows the defendant scanning a second packet of cigarettes, with the customer then leaving with only one packet."

The second packet was left on the counter and was pocketed a short time later by Munn.

The court heard Munn then stole two packets of tobacco using the same tactic and then a drink.

Munn was fired on June 4 after her employer reviewed the CCTV footage and asked for an explanation for the thefts.

Sgt Potter said restitution of $2084 was sought.

Munn pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Monday to stealing by clerks and servants.

Munn's lawyer Lachlan Ygoa-McKeown told the court Munn was a mother-of-two and had a limited criminal history.

"This does appear to be completely out of character," he said.

The court heard Munn was looking for a new job.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said Munn had betrayed her employer's trust.

She was fined $900 and ordered to pay the restitution.

Mr Stjernqvist said he battled with whether to record a conviction as he knew it could be detrimental to Munn getting a new job.

"On the other school of thought, why should a potential future employer not know about this?" he asked.

No conviction was recorded.