Alexis Jeffery.
Alexis Jeffery. Contributed

Murdered Goondiwindi woman was offered lifts home

JUST hours before her naked body was found on the banks of the Macintyre River in Goondiwindi, a happy Alexis Jeffery had been offered a number of car rides home, Toowoomba Supreme Court has been told.

Darryl Sutton, a good friend of Ms Jeffery, had been working as security at the Queensland Hotel on the night of March 15, 2014, which had been packed with patrons including Ms Jeffery and the man who police claim was her killer, Robert Ian Trebeck.

Mr Sutton told the court it had always been the plan that he would drive Ms Jeffery home that night as his wife was baby-sitting Alexis's young son at their home in Boggabilla down the road.

However, he had been running a little late and so Ms Jeffery had asked some others for a lift home but was declined.

She had also been offered a lift home with Dan Rowsell, but she declined his offer, and she had been offered money for a taxi by Rowsell and another of her friends Kate Patch with whom she had spent much of the evening, but she had told them she would walk home, as she had done before.

Mr Sutton said he had driven the streets later that morning looking for Ms Jeffery but couldn't see her so he drove home to Boggabilla.

Trebeck, 38, has pleaded not guilty to killing Ms Jeffery, 25, who the Crown claims was strangled by the leg of her own jeans.

The Crown claims two police officers had seen Ms Jeffery and Robert Trebeck in a park about 3am and claim she was murdered some time between 3.30am and 5.15am.

Jamie O'Toole had also been at the Queensland Hotel that night and spoke with Ms Jeffery who had asked him to walk her home.

However, because they were walking in opposite directions, Mr O'Toole said he didn't walk Ms Jeffery to her home.

The trial continues Monday.