A snake was found in a Murwillumbah woman's home yesterday.
A snake was found in a Murwillumbah woman's home yesterday.

Murwillumbah woman's shocking snake discovery

MURWILLUMBAH resident Mikki Taylor was in the middle of renovating her caravan on a friend's property when she made a shocking discovery.

After packing a box full of keepsakes to put away in a cupboard, she felt something move against her arm and saw a flash of brown before she quickly ran outside to get her partner.

Inside the cupboard was a brown night tiger, a snake which is aggressive but not considered dangerous to humans.

Ms Taylor said she was "surprised and shocked" to find the snake due to the amount of noise which had been going on while renovating.

"I'm just surprised it got in there, we have to get it to out to find out how it got in, there's been so much banging and crashing going on and they hate noise so we don't know why it was in there," she said.

"This one just wanted to get away from me but I think we both got the biggest fright."

Ms Taylor said she'd had several encounters with snakes before and would let this one leave "on its own accord" unless it stuck around.

"We'll just make it really difficult for it to hang around by being noisy," she said.

"If that doesn't work we'll have to get it removed because we have two elderly cats and an old dog."