Muster resignations - big job ahead, says board

20th March 2017 3:26 PM
Tony Nolan Gympie Muster 2015 Photo Craig Warhurst /  The Gympie Times ON WITH THE JOB: Gympie Muster board chairman Tony Nolan says the resignation of all paid staff is a blow, but the volunteer spirit will win out at this year's event. Craig Warhurst

GYMPIE Music Muster chairman Tony Nolan says volunteers, including him, have some hard work ahead.

But the Muster will stay on course, despite last week's staff resignations, he said.

"From the board's perspective, we found out last week, on Wednesday or Thursday that two staff had tendered their resignations to (executive director) David (Gibson) and then he subsequently tendered his.

"The board had a quick meeting last week and agreed that I should meet with David and discuss our hand over, which we did this morning.

"It was agreed that David's contract terminate today, rather than at the end of the month.

"The Muster has lost all its paid staff, but retains its volunteer board and our army of volunteers who put the Muster on each year."


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So it's full speed ahead?

"That would be an exaggeration," Mr Nolan said.

"We've got things to do but we will work through those things and not underestimate the amount of the work that the volunteers will have to pick up until we can appoint new staff.

"The board's had a strategic plan we are busy working on and that's been around for three years.

"We will keep working to the outcomes we adopted when we put that plan together.

"The board's united in pushing down that track.

"The essence is that we need to encourage a strong volunteer culture across all areas, which has worked successfully in the past.

"It's back to basics. It's not rocket science.

"You accentuate the positives and give people bit of enjoyment and a sense of achievement for volunteering.

"We'll have a normal board meeting tomorrow.

"We'll come up with plans to deal with the mechanics of replacing staff and assess any risks we face through the loss of our staff."

The Gympie Times has attempted to contact the Apex Club of Gympie for a response, but has been unable to obtain a comment.