A FARMER has explained why he stripped off and jumped into his dam following the arrival of rain.

Social media came alive with the image at the weekend, after much of the region rejoiced at two days of heavy rainfall.

Baffle Creek grazier Kev Cherry said his farm had an "awesome" 50mm of rain in 30 minutes, filling a dam that had become dry in drought conditions. 

Mr Cherry said the photo was not an isolated event.

Kev Cherry gets amongst the rain.
Kev Cherry gets amongst the rain.

"I have done this every year in aid of  promoting the Naked Farmer, being one myself," he said. 

"It always gets a laugh."

Ben Brooksby, also known as the Naked Farmer, is a Victorian sheep farmer who works to raise awareness around the mental health of our food producers, especially those facing drought.

He advocates the need for communities to support and connect with farmers.

Mr Cherry said he had lost half his cattle to the big dry, and only had a few days of water left in his dam when rain finally arrived at the weekend.

Kev Cherry was praying for a January downpour.
Kev Cherry was praying for a January downpour after his dam was down to just a few days of water remaining.

"I have cattle, though I've lost about half to the drought," he said. 

"I run some pigs, and chickens. I am also a bit of an animal rescuer.

"I have some alpacas, goats, turkeys, horses, cat and dogs.

"As you could imagine, without water, they'd all die, 100 in total.

"So, that's why (I took) the picture, it meant my babies would live."

Mr Cherry said he believed some kind of miracle had been at play.

"I had 10 days of food left that I'd bought to get the cows through Christmas," he said. 

"I aimed to get us to rain in January, with a lot of prayers. That storm barely touched anyone else, it was 30 minutes sitting on top of me, then I watched it disappear on the radar before it got to Agnes, just 30km away.

"It really was pure luck, or something else?"