My Health Record phone lines crash

A HELPLINE for Australians to opt-out of the My Health Record system has crashed this morning after a flood of calls from people wanting to opt-out before records are automatically created for all Aussies after November 12.

A call centre operator confirmed to News Corp this morning the system had crashed after a rush of calls.

"It's currently down at the moment," she said. "We can't say how long it has been out but it is likely to be back in an hour's time," she said.

Health Minister Greg Hunt has so far refused to extend the opt-out period beyond next week after initially pushing the opt-out date back from mid-October after a backlash over concerns law enforcement agencies would be able to access the records without a warrant.


Screen grabs from the My Health Record government website. Picture: Supplied
Screen grabs from the My Health Record government website. Picture: Supplied


A Labor-led Senate inquiry last month recommended the opt-out period be extended for 12 months.

Shadow Health Minister Catherine King said today the government had "botched" its clean up job of the My Health Record after botching the initial rollout.

"Nearly four months after public controversy first erupted - and with less than 10 days to go until the opt-out period ends - we still don't know what the Government is planning to do to fix this mess," she said.

"Will they push ahead with their woefully inadequate bill, which addresses only a fraction of the concerns raised throughout the Senate inquiry? Or will they adopt Labor's six sensible amendments?

"The former option is clearly unacceptable.

"But the latter option would require the Government to send its legislation back to the lower house for approval - and the lower house doesn't sit again until 10 days after the opt-out period ends.

"We once again call on Minister Hunt to heed Labor's call for a further extension to the opt-out period. This rollout should not continue until all concerns have been resolved through legislation, and a Privacy Commissioner review has been completed."