NAB customers not happy as broken safe locks out bank

NATIONAL Australia Bank at Riverlink has been calling for patience from customers over the past week as it works to gain access to a broken safe containing cash deposits.

A business owner contacted The Queensland Times yesterday claiming they had been unable to have a significant cash deposit attributed to their account for a week due to the issue.

The business owner complained it was a cash flow issue and wondered how many other small business owners could be affected.

A NAB spokeswoman confirmed a piece of machinery at the branch had broken and the bank had been in consultation with the manufacturer to work out a way to access the customers' funds.

"There have been meetings all week to try to work out how to break into it safely," she said.

"This is a bit of a first."

The bank does not know exactly how many deposits or how much money is stuck in the deposit box, but said it was hoping to safely drill into it soon.

"We could get into it as early as (Monday) afternoon," she said.

In the meantime, the NAB spokeswoman urged affected customers to contact the branch if they had any concerns.