Some of Queensland's most notorious drug dealers.
Some of Queensland's most notorious drug dealers.

NAMED: Queensland drug dealers revealed

ICE kingpin Ivan Tesic, former criminal lawyer Briana Ioannides and mother-of-eight Samuella Togo are just some of the drug dealers who've made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Take a look at some of Queensland's most high-profile drug trafficking cases.



Ice kingpin Ivan Tesic was jailed after a Supreme Court jury returned a majority guilty verdict on a charge of possession of meth oil capable of producing ice with a street value of $11 million.

Ivan Tesic arrives at the Brisbane Supreme and District Court.
Ivan Tesic arrives at the Brisbane Supreme and District Court.

The flashy drug baron and silent nightclub owner, 45, who claimed he was just a "muscle car" fanatic, was brought down by an unlikely "supergrass" - a young Gold Coast apprentice tradie turned drug mule, who was living at home with mum and dad when he claimed he was shifting drugs for Tesic.

It was the mule's damning evidence of how he smuggled meth oil hidden in "stash spots" in his modified Holden Commodore ute that led to the Supreme Court jury verdict just, after eight hours of deliberation.

As the jury handed down their verdict, Tesic lifted his hands from his sides and up in the air, and then put his head down and rubbed his eyes in shock, shaking his head in disbelief.

Tesic's partner, seated behind him, cried, and his brothers shook their heads.



A drug trafficker who sold cocaine and ecstasy through Instagram walked from court after a judge was satisfied that he had already started to turn his life around.

Josh Leslie Madlin, 24, appeared in Brisbane Supreme Court where he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and possessing dangerous drugs.

Prosecutor Noel Needham told the court police officers only found small amounts of cocaine and ecstasy during a search warrant at Madlin's Sunshine Coast home on November 1, 2018.

But once back at the police station, the bricklayer made candid admissions to officers that he had been selling drugs for about 12 months.

"He ... probably talked himself into the trafficking when he was only facing (charges of) supplies," defence barrister Simon Lewis told the court.

The court heard Madlin was a "street level" dealer who was only making up to $200 a week from selling the drugs.

Justice Peter Applegarth said it was to Madlin's credit that he disclosed the trafficking to police and had already taken steps to steer himself away from drugs. He sentenced Madlin to four years' jail, suspended immediately.



Dean Grant O'Donnell and Felicia D’Jamirze
Dean Grant O'Donnell and Felicia D’Jamirze

A drug trafficker whose beauty queen fiancee suffered serious injuries when police raided his Queensland home was slapped with a 10-year prison sentence.

Dean Grant O'Donnell, 39, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to more than 10 offences, including drug trafficking and possession of drugs and weapons.

Crown prosecutor Russell Hood said police investigating the drug trade in Hervey Bay and Maryborough began monitoring O'Donnell, who was trafficking ice in "wholesale amounts" between 2014 and 2016.

Detectives spent months monitoring his "sophisticated" drug operation, installing cameras and recording devices in his Susan River home and at his nearby bushland stash points, where he hid drugs, guns and cash.

When officers stormed O'Donnell's home in February 2016, his then fiancee, Felicia D'Jamirze, was seriously injured after a police flash grenade exploded, burning her face and arm.

D'Jamirze, a model who was named Miss Global Australia in 2014 and Miss International Australia in 2013, was sentenced to a three-year suspended prison term in late 2017 for supplying ice as part of her fiance's drug operation.



Disgraced Gold Coast lawyer Briana Ioannides. Picture: Liam Kidston.
Disgraced Gold Coast lawyer Briana Ioannides. Picture: Liam Kidston.

Former criminal lawyer Briana Ioannides was jailed for more than eight years for drug trafficking and 21 other drugs and weapons offences.

A former solicitor with high-profile Southport criminal law firm Gatenby Lawyers, Ioannides pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to drug trafficking and 21 drugs and weapons charges.

Ioannides, 30, was sentenced to 8½ years imprisonment with a parole eligibility date after two years and six months on February 20, 2021.

In sentencing, Justice Debra Mullins said that Ioannides had more promise than most for getting back on the straight and narrow.

She endorsed Ioannides' goal to study a diploma of community services, and said she exemplified what happened when a young person with a promising career became addicted to drugs.




Mum of eight Samuella Togo was given a seven-year sentence for dealing drugs.
Mum of eight Samuella Togo was given a seven-year sentence for dealing drugs.

A mother of eight dubbed the "ice queen" was sentenced to seven years' prison for drug trafficking and other drug-related offences.

Samuella Lorraine Togo pleaded guilty to several drugs charges in a Maryborough court. The court was told she became involved in the drug scene to make ends meet after losing her job. The 37-year-old charged up to $10,000 per transaction during her time as a drug boss, the court heard.

In the four months she was under a police microscope, she sold ice in quantities as large as 28g. She made at least 122 sales to about 17 different customers.




A million-dollar "zombie" drug haul resulted in more than nine years in jail for a Brisbane man after police intercepted the shipment from China.

Sammuel Bartrim, 26, was sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court for importing a commercial quantity of N-ethylpentylone in November 2017.

The 3.8kg haul of drugs, colloquially known as monkey dust, zombie or bath salts, had a street value of up to $1.77 million if it had been passed off as MDMA.

Border Force intercepted two packages of the drug.




Georgia Bennett.
Georgia Bennett.

A young Brisbane barmaid and her friend who peddled hundreds of ecstasy pills to their friends to take to festivals and nightclubs walked free from court last year after they were warned over the spate of drug deaths at festivals.

Georgia Rebecca Bennett, 24, who at the time worked at the Newmarket Hotel in Brisbane's inner north, and Peyton Isabella McKeown, 21, admitted to supplying 619 pills to friends over 10 months until August 2017.

They sold the pills via "phone or text" usually up to five pills per deal, but as many as 23 in one deal, and they chatted about selling them "at a music festival", the court heard.

They turned over about $12,000 worth of pills over 10 months, and if they had sold them all they would have made a $3000 gross profit, the court was told. They didn't earn that profit because they popped some of the pills themselves.

The pair were busted by police who were investigating their supplier, North Lakes apprentice Cody Alan Laycock, who last year admitted supplying at least 778 pills to seven customers and making a profit of up to $7780. He is serving a suspended three-year sentence.






Hundreds of kilograms of the purest MDMA police have ever seen, 200kg of meth, an international organised crime syndicate and a link to the Corby clan - last year saw Queensland Police claim their biggest ever drug bust.

Detectives in August revealed they had seized 766kg of MDMA - the purest Queensland Health has ever tested - in a massive international operation involving the Queensland Police Service and authorities in New Zealand and the UK.

Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker confirmed it was an international organised crime syndicate.

He said there was also 200kg of methamphetamine, or ice, seized in Auckland in New Zealand and police also seized $108,000 in cash and vehicles.

The drugs seized have a potential street value of $90 million, police said.

Police have alleged one of the key players in the operation was Viliami Taani Paea Kisina, 26, who is related to Schapelle Corby through her half-brother James Kisina and half-sister Melanae Kisina.

Viliami is accused of shifting top-quality ecstasy powder bound for NSW from an inner-city Brisbane unit.

He is accused of later driving a van across the border, which police later allegedly found had a false floor installed.

The 26-year-old faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court on charges including possessing dangerous drugs, supplying dangerous drugs. He was refused bail and has not yet entered a plea.

The massive drug bust also saw UK citizens Ashley Kevin James Cooper and David Smith, arrested in Queensland and charged with drug possession and supply. In New Zealand, another two UK citizens were arrested by local authorities.

Soon after, police arrested 42-year-old Benjamin David Englefield as part of the same operation and charged him with drug trafficking offences.

None of those arrested have entered a plea.




A raid on a city hotel room two days before Christmas netted $2 million worth of drugs, $133,000 in cash and allegedly dismantled a major trafficking network.

Paul Luu, 29, who was arrested at the hotel, was also found with $300,000 worth of property, including $200,000 worth of jewellery, Brisbane Magistrates Court heard.

Luu, who was arrested on December 23, has been charged with trafficking dangerous drugs as part of a serious organised crime gang, possessing drugs and weapons and possessing property obtained from trafficking.

Police allegedly found 60kg of cannabis inside suitcases, along with 1kg of methylamphetamine, a quantity of cocaine and $133,000 in cash in the city hotel room.

Police have alleged Luu, who was arrested along with two others, including his partner, Emily Louise Ross, a law student, and Brendan Wade Kanofski, was part of a drug trafficking syndicate.

The magistrate refused bail, after taking into account the "striking seriousness" of the charges, the strong evidence and Luu's character, background and previous lack of employment.

Ross, 24, was granted bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court after being charged with trafficking dangerous drugs as part of a serious organised crime gang, possessing drugs and weapons.

Ross, whose LinkedIn profile shows she has worked for Sparke Helmore Lawyers for the past three years, was arrested after allegedly being spotted with "three large bags at the airport containing 60kg of cannabis".

Kanofski, 30, from Heathwood, who works casually as an ATM installer, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on December 24 after being arrested at a hotel allegedly with 1kg of a substance believed to be heroin or cocaine and 9kg methylamphetamine.

He was denied bail.

None of the accused has entered a plea.




Peyton McKeon.
Peyton McKeon.