Education Minister Grace Grace in Question Time
Education Minister Grace Grace in Question Time

State will put NAPLAN to the test

EDUCATION Minister Grace Grace says a review of NAPLAN would be timely as thousands of students across the state prepare to sit the test tomorrow.

It comes after NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes called for the test to be dumped at a meeting of his interstate counterparts earlier this month.

Ms Grace this afternoon said there should be a "more measured" approach, saying a compressive review of the test was required.

"We've now got that on the agenda at the Education Council, and I'm looking forward for the terms of reference to come through in June so that we can set the work on having a look at what NAPLAN is delivering and how we can improve it," she said.

"We want to know - is it delivering what it was intended to (deliver), is it bringing about behaviours that we need to have look at, are there unintended consequences and how do we get the best out of NAPLAN ...

"I really can't go anywhere without somebody raising some issues around NAPLAN - whether it be a teacher, a principal, a parent or even a pupil ... at that."

Ms Grace said Queensland was transitioning to having the NAPLAN test online by 2020, with 15,000 students taking an online version of the test this year.

"We think that's a good cohort to see how the transition is working" she said.

About 263,000 students across the state will take part in the test over he next three days.