Is this the most epic beard in all the land?

IT'S official - Nathen Coles has the most epic beard in all the land.

The 35-year-old Eudlo facial hair devotee competed in Beardmeister at Brisbane Oktoberfest last weekend.

Mr Coles lined up against 10 others to compete in the Full Beard Natural category, for men brave enough to leave the house without the aid of styling products.

After coming runner-up in the same category last year, Mr Coles went one better this time.

"It's good to come home with a win," he said.

At more than 40cm long, his beard proved to be strong competition.

"It's all hair and no styling of the moustache," he said. "I've been growing it for about three years."

Mr Coles, who started Bearded Men of the Sunshine Coast, said he maintained his beard because of the social aspect.

"It's an outlet to meet new people," he said.

And with more than 800 members, it is clear there is strong support for beards on the Coast.

Mr Coles' beard has made him a bit of a Coast celebrity, with many admirers asking for a photo or a pat of his lush facial locks.

Visit the Bearded Men of the Sunshine Coast Facebook page to learn more.


  • Wash and condition it regularly.
  • Make sure it is rinsed to avoid flaking.
  • Towel dry only, blow drying is too harsh on the skin.
  • Comb beard and moustache with a wide-toothed comb to stop tangles.
  • Add some wax to finish.

Tips from @beardspo