NDSHS students have double and triple the fun

Noosa District State High School’s Junior Secondary Pomona campus has had an unprecedented seven sets of twins and one set of triplets enrol in Year 7 this year.

Identical twins Heath and Isaac Batten enjoy school and playing pranks on their teachers.

“[School’s] fun. Sometimes we swap names to confuse teachers,” Heath said.

Identical twins George and Harry Erceg are very close.

“I’m really enjoying maths and I want to get an A+ for Year 12 maths,” George said.

Non-identical twins Sophie and Tenielle Hartwell love the social and academic aspects of school.

“I like hanging with friends. Tenielle is more interested in her school marks,” Sophie said.

“We are not identical, so not many teachers know that we are twins,” Tenielle said.

Twins Abe and Dusty Marsh are both the same clothing size.

“We don’t have to sort the washing because we are the same size,” Abe said.

Twins Jett and Micah Stephens and Jaxx and Laicee Wells enjoy having their own space at school, away from their twin.

“School is great, because we are in different classes, so I don’t have to be near him,” Jett said.

“We are different, [Laicee] is really good at horse-riding. She is nice when she wants to be,” Jaxx said.

“Jaxx is very good at running and sport; we don’t really hang out at school. Jaxx has different friends; we talk a couple of times per week at school,” Laicee said.

Triplets Riley, Travis and Zak Woolmer are thriving in the school environment.

“I like high school. We are all similar, but different. Travis likes English, while Zak loves maths,” Riley said.

“We all choose to bring different snacks for our lunches,” Travis said.

“If I get hurt, my twins obviously don’t feel it, because they often laugh when I get hurt,” Zak said.

The twins and triplets are bringing much excitement and joy to their teachers and peers and NDSHS.