Behind prison barsPhoto: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
Behind prison barsPhoto: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily

Neighbours’ feud over parked car ends with serious assault

A FEUD between neighbours landed a Gladstone teen in jail when a prank involving eggs escalated into a serious assault.

Blair Ethan de Prada was released from jail on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to several charges including the serious assault of a person over 60.

The offending occurred at the unit complex de Prada lived.

The court was told the teen's mother had been jailed for other matters and her car was parked in an area at the unit complex that concerned the victim.

The parked car caused issues between de Prada and the neighbour.

On one occasion de Prada threw eggs at his neighbour's door, the court was told.

The neighbour came outside and was speaking to another resident of the complex; de Prada overheard the conversation and became enraged.

The court was told de Prada "flung" open his door, called the neighbours "c----" before punching the victim in the jaw.

Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said de Prada was diagnosed with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and displayed "autistic tendencies".

Ms Ramos said he had spent 20 days in custody for the offending.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella told de Prada he had "crossed the line".

"You went way too far," Mr Kinsella said.

The teen was released from jail and ordered to complete a nine month probation order.

A conviction was not recorded.