ONLINE television streaming goliath Netflix has released its much-anticipated "most watched" shows list in 2017, compiling the figures on its biggest hits, including the ones we watched ahead of our beloved partners, friends and family.

Netflix broke their rankings down into four categories, including the "most devoured" -- which users viewed for more than two hours a day.

Streaming services are a little wary of releasing detailed figures on what users watch, because the market is so competitive. 

While Netflix has tapped into huge smash hits through original content, the monsters of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead remain on key competitor Foxtel Go

The list is not without its surprises. While the much-hyped and critically acclaimed 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale were both in the top 10, it was the Oprah Winfrey-produced drama Greenleaf set in a Memphis megachurch that drove the most hardcore binging.

Orange is the New Black has been a major hit for Netflix.

Orange is the New Black topped the list for "cheatworthy" shows -- those that we watched with our friends or family but couldn't help skipping ahead with.

And the most wholesome of the lists, 'Watch together', the shows we most likely consumed as a family or group.

Perhaps the strangest quirk of the list though, is knowing that someone in Australia watched Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted about once per day, or 352 times, through 2017.

It's unclear whether this was an adult or child, but that's a whole lot of jungle comedy.




Check out the full list below


Devoured Shows - shows that people spent more than 2 hours a day watching 

1. Greenleaf

2. American Vandal
3. Suburra: Blood on Rome
4. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
5. 13 Reasons Why

6. Anne with an E
7. Riverdale
8. The Keepers
9. The OA
10. Cable Girls

Savoured - shows that people spent less than 2 hours a day watching 

1.      The Crown
2.      Neo Yokia
3.      You Me Her
4.      Ultimate Beastmaster
5.      A Series of Unfortunate Events
6.      GLOW

7.      Friends from College
8.      El Chapo
9.      Ozark
10.   Atypical

Cheatworthy - the shows that people watched ahead, and therefore 'cheated' on their significant others. 

1.      Orange is the New Black
2.      Narcos
3.      Stranger Things
4.      13 Reasons Why
5.      Riverdale

6.      Sense8
7.      Star Trek Discovery
8.      The Crown
9.      Ozark
10.   The Good Place

Watch together - shows that brought people together to bond over.

1.      Stranger Things
2.      13 Reasons Why
3.      Riverdale
4.      A Series of Unfortunate Events
5.      Star Trek Discovery
6.      Gilmore Girls: AYITL

7.      The Good Place
8.      Fuller House
9.      Anne with an E
10.   Trollhunters