Never too late to help Clean Up the Gympie region

IT'S Clean Up Australia Day this Sunday and many schools in the region will be having their own private version of it tomorrow on Schools Clean Up Day.

In fact, there are plenty of options for everybody to get involved if they want to. Businesses can get involved through a Business Clean Up.

All they have to do is locate a site (either their workplace or a nearby park or creek or street that needs a clean up), and (if they got in a bit earlier), get registered, receive the merchandise and get their business some great PR by being part of the solution and a great corporate citizen on Clean Up Day.

Unfortunately it's probably a bit late to get the t-shirts now, but it's never too late to just rally the troops and pick up some rubbish. There are a few spots in our region that could do with a clean up.

Most people do the right thing these days by putting their rubbish in the bin, not dropping it on the ground or throwing it out the window of the car.

But as with everything, there remains that handfull of absolute grubs who think nothing of dumping a trailer load of garbage beside a country road or creek, or throwing their rubbish out the window.

Because of them, we will always need Clean Up Australia Day.