HAVE you ever wanted to lock lips with someone on the internet?

Burberry has teamed up with Google to create world-first technology allowing people to pash in cyberspace.

"Burberry Kisses" allows users to capture and send a digital imprint of a kiss to anyone in the world using "kiss recognition technology". If you're using a webcam you just have to get set up for a selfie and pout at the camera. If you're using a touch screen device you can actually smooch the screen. Longer mouth to screen contact creates a "stronger" kiss. You can send a personal message with the kiss, or even slick on a Burberry lip colour if you want to jazz it up.

The recipient will get the kiss delivered straight to their inbox. Utilising Google Earth and Street View technologies, they'll also see a 3D personalised journey of where the kiss has come from. And if you're in to kiss and tell, you can share the gesture on Google+ and across social media.

On the website kisses.burberry.com, there's also an interactive global map charting in real-time where kisses are travelling around the world and which cities are sending and receiving the most kisses.