The new bridge over Amamoor Creek at Amamoor will not be named.
The new bridge over Amamoor Creek at Amamoor will not be named. Contributed

New $2.7m bridge over Amamoor Creek remains nameless

THEY'LL have to drive to the Muster on a bridge with no name after the Gympie Regional Council failed to reach agreement last week and opted instead to not name the new $2.7 million structure over Amamoor Creek.

Apparently naming bridges can be a highly inflammatory situation, particularly if different local familes are vying for naming rights.

But Imbil councillor Julie Walker stressed during last Wednesday's discussion that her suggested name reflected the cultural and heritage values of Amamoor. Even that proved too contentious, however.

It is not known what the suggested name was but it is likely to be connected with the Gubbi Gubbi tribe which once inhabited the area near Amamoor.

A council staff report recommending the bridge not be named was moved by Cr Mark McDonald and seconded by Cr Mick Curran.

"The naming of some of these bridges creates debate and argument in the community so I am comfortable with not naming it," Cr McDonald said.

Cr Walker spoke against the motion, saying local residents felt more "ownership" of infrastructure if it had a name.

Cr Curran said he was initially in favour of naming the birdge until he saw the debate and conflict it caused in the council workshop.

"I suspect it would cause a huge bun fight in the community," he said.

"It's already got a name: the Amamoor Creek Bridge."

Cr Wayne Sachs said he agreed it should not be named after a family, but he did agree with giving it a cultural name.

Cr Ian Petersen said he had an open mind on the subject and he believed the heated discussion that occurred at the last council workshop was "a bit misunderstood".

"I just think perhaps it should be left unamed until there has been some more discussion," he said.

The replacement bridge over Amamoor Creek is expected to be completed in January 2014, subject to weather.

The project has been partly funded by NDRRA and partly by the council.

The council does not have a policy regarding bridge naming and the staff report recommending it not be named says, "historically, naming new bridges has been avoided as naming processes can be time consuming for council staff and potentially contentious".