New colourful Instagram logo created in unique way

IT might be an app that is featured on your smart phone and is used regularly, but it's latest logo design creation techniques were far from technological.

The Instagram app update today shows a new logo for the popular photo sharing social media tool.

Instagram posted an explanation behind the design about 10am AEST:

"Three years ago, Paulo del Valle (@paulodelvalle) started the #myinstagramlogo project, inspiring thousands of creators to remix our icon in wildly creative ways.

"Paulo, who lives in Sao Paulo, used more than 400 flowers to make his remix of our app's new look."

According to the post, Paulo went to the biggest flower shop in Rio de Janeiro and bought half of their stock for Mother's Day.

"Then I got home and I had no idea how I was going to do it," he explained.

Eight hours later, he had something beautiful.