New craze tapes over

THE sheer speed at which crazes become passé online has become apparent once more, as in the same week #nomakeupselfie went viral, masking tape or Sellotape selfies have replaced it.

The pictures filling up Twitter and Facebook news feeds show people fearlessly wrapping sticky tape around their heads, with total disregard for protecting sensitive and potentially painful areas like their eyes or eyebrows.

While the "no make-up selfie" has raised $1.83 million for cancer research in just 24 hours, Sellotape selfies have no purpose other than seeing how contorted and unrecognisable a person can make their face.

The trend has also adopted elements of the no make-up selfie. Where women nominate each other to pose bare-faced to raise cancer awareness and donations, some Sellotape selfies are accompanied by the names of friends to take up the gauntlet and make their ugliest face. Most just describe how painful it was to remove the tape.

While the hash tag was used on Twitter in October last year, since Sellotape selfie Twitter and Facebook accounts were created last week, hundreds of people across the world have joined in.