Gympie Times Staff Philippe Coquerand.
Gympie Times Staff Philippe Coquerand. Renee Albrecht

New journalist excited to join Gympie Times

THE Gympie Times would like to welcome its newest reporter to the scene, Philippe Coquerand who has been based in Mundubbera for the past two years.

Coming from the North Burnett, Mr Coquerand is looking forward to starting his new journey in Gympie. His expertise in the field of journalism will be a great asset to the team.

He's a huge fan of rugby league and away from work is often heard yelling at the television, with his favourite team being the mighty Broncos. His co-worker Bec barracks for the Cowboys so with two true Queenslanders, we're hoping next year will be Queensland's time to shine.

"This year wasn't our year unfortunately but we can't give up,” Mr Coquerand said.

"We have a lot of up and coming players this season but I'm confident 2019 is our year.”

He's been acquainted with the Gympie darts team on Wednesday night. Despite his team's loss, Mr Coquerand is ready to give it a go.

"It was only last year that I began taking an interest in darts, it's a great game for making new friends and building on your hand-eye co-ordination,” he said.

Golf and tennis are also passions.

"I'm not the best golfer in the world, I try and have as much fun as possible but it will be good to join the Gympie Golf Club and to meet the locals,” he said.

Not alone in the woods, Mr Coquerand is joined by his four-year-old kelpie, Tuck, in Southside.

Familiar with Rainbow Beach, he's excited about going on adventures.

"I love hiking and would often go to Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay on my holidays,” he said.

"I'm planning to go there in the next couple of weeks to meet the local community.”

Local issues matter most to Mr Coquerand so if you have any news that needs to be shared, he's happy for you to contact him.

"If you have any issues that you think need to be addressed, please let me know,” he said.