The Gympie CBD
The Gympie CBD Troy Jegers

New life, new era for one of Gympie CBD's oldest buildings

ONE of the oldest buildings in Gympie, 8 on Duke, is going through a new incarnation as a boutique soapery.

Melek Fahey and her family moved to Gympie from Clermont in 2012. They chose Gympie because they wanted a small town to raise their children in that was also central to other coastal destinations.

When one of her teenaged daughters had psoriasis and eczema in 2012, Melek began to experiment with making her own soaps that wouldn't irritate her daughter's skin.

Melek Fahey from Oska and Willow, which is opening in three weeks.
LABOUR OF LOVE: Melek Fahey from Oska and Willow, which is opening in three weeks. katelyn williamson

After she had learned how to make basic soaps, she started to experiment with other scents and textures. Soon enough, people were asking to buy Melek's soaps and everything took off from there.

With her boutique soapery, Oska and Willow, set to open in mid-September, Melek is excitedly waiting for the day she can open the doors and her store as a first-time business owner.

While things haven't gone exactly to plan on how she wanted to set up her first business and there is still more to get ready before it officially opens, the shop looks luxurious.

One of the things that sets Melek's shop apart from others is her commitment to using only high quality, ethically and locally sourced ingredients.

To her, the ingredients and her product speak for themselves. Melek puts love and care into all of her products.