MASSIVE WIN: MX Farm Queensland owner Mark Bishop is excited for the MX Nationals in June.
MASSIVE WIN: MX Farm Queensland owner Mark Bishop is excited for the MX Nationals in June. Troy Jegers

New sports venue lands major event for Gympie

MOTOCROSS: The MX Nationals Round 6 will be hosted by Gympie for the first time and is expected to attract about 6000 to 10,000 people.

The new MX Farm Queensland regional multi-track park in the Curra State Forest will host the event on June 23.

Owner Mark Bishop has had this vision for years and is counting down the days.

Mx Park Gympie
MX Farm Queensland. Troy Jegers

"It is a one-off ... We are super-excited to be hosting this event,” he said.

"It (nationals) usually brings between 6000 to 10,000 people.

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"Motorbikes has always been a passion and my boys (are all) into racing as I was and my eldest boy Jesse does the MX Nationals, so we spend a lot of time travelling around Australia and with Josh we do a lot in Southeast Queensland.”

Division 2 Councillor Glen Hartwig said the location of the track was perfect for this kind of activity and the boost for tourism it would give Gympie.

"The closest facility is at Kenilworth but I do believe the long-term plan for this area will make it a unique facility within the southeast corner,” he said.

"These people will spend (a lot of money) in town on meals, drinks and accommodation and other consumables.”

Motocross - Jesse Bishop
Jesse Bishop. Troy Jegers

It will not just be the professionals' playground.

"The bike park is not going to be just for nationals, we are hoping to be open in June to the public,” Bishop said.

"We have a licence with the council to be open four days a week.

"We are looking at Friday, Saturday, Sunday and possibly Wednesday during the week. Tracks will be prepped everyday.”

MX Nationals heads to Gympie for Round 6 on June 23 at MX Farm Queensland at Curra. Gates open at 7am, racing starts at 8.30am.