ATTACKER: Batsman Nathan McClintock practising his pool shot at training for the T20 series.
ATTACKER: Batsman Nathan McClintock practising his pool shot at training for the T20 series. Troy Jegers

Newest Gympie Gold batsman could be their secret weapon

CRICKET: As the Gympie Gold XI start their campaign for back-to-back T20 titles, their newest batsman could be their secret weapon.

Opener Nathan McClintock has played about four games for the Gold this season but the limited overs style is his preferred style.

"The start of the T20's will be a time where I can unleash my natural game a bit more,” he said.

"I will just hit the ball as far as I can, hopefully make the middle of the bat and score some runs for Gold and clinch that back-to-back title we have been hoping for.”

The move from Gympie A-grade to Gold has been a big step for the 19-year-old.

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McClintock is hoping he can start to fire with the bat as he aims to get a 50 or century with Gympie to cement his place in the XI.

"I need to take my time and get that mental game completely right first and once the metal game is right the technique and runs will come from that,” he said.

Gympie Gold Nathan McClinktock top order/middle order batsman.
Gympie Gold Nathan McClintock top order/middle order batsman. Bec Singh

"The highlight would be to score some runs, not coming out and getting a duck every innings. It would be nice to score a first 50 or first 100 to cement my spot and prove I do deserve to be here.”

Despite not being his preferred style, McClintock has adapted his game to suit the one day and two matches.

"It is an extra 20 overs a day that we have to face,” he said.

Gympie Gold Nathan McClintock
Gympie Gold Nathan McClintock Troy Jegers

"For me it is just batting time and waiting for that bad ball. Club cricket you only have that one day but two days in Gold means batting time and making sure you are there for the team.

"My long game has improved a lot more than what it has been. My timing and patience have improved and the mental game is massive thing I have struggled with in the past.

"There are always a few verbals out there but it makes me work on my mental game a lot more.”