Sam Newman.
Sam Newman.

Newman says fireys wasting their time

Controversial football great Sam Newman has gone public with a new theory on how Australia should combat the ongoing bushfire crisis.

Just days after the former Footy Show co-host took a swipe on social media at "miserable pr***s" refusing to shake Prime Minister Scott Morrison's hand, the notorious Victorian was at it again on Thursday when he suggested Australia's firefighting resources should be shifted towards recovery and away from firefighting containment initiatives.

Newman posted on Twitter the extraordinary efforts of Australia's firefighting heroes this summer were futile in the face of such unprecedented fire activity.

The 74-year-old said recent fire activity in the iconic Yellowstone National Park across Montana, Wyoming and Idaho in the United States of America suggests Australia's firefighters should be letting uncontained fire fronts burn themselves out without intervention from firefighters.

"Survey done when Yellowstone National Park caught fire. It determined that all the resources deployed to fight the blaze stopped it NOT 1 minute before it went out naturally," Newman posted on Twitter.

"WE must take note and get out of its way."

Asked if we should just let fire destroy anyone's home without resistance, Newman replied: "Yes."

The Geelong great recently took aim at people who have ignored Mr Morrison's handshakes, and said they should research the "real" reason Australia is on fire.

"What about the miserable pr**ks who won't shake Scott Morrison's hand, or acknowledge him because they think he's responsible for Australia being on fire. Research the REAL reason," Newman said on Twitter.

When approached by the Prime Minister, Ms Salucci-McDermott said: "I'm only shaking your hand if you give more funding to our RFS (Rural Fire Service).

"So many people here have lost their homes. We need more help."

Ms Salucci-McDermott later wrote on Facebook he "turned his back on me".

Speaking to 10 News, she added: "I would have happily sat down and had a cup of tea with him if he had asked am I OK? What can we do to fix this situation?


Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman at the Grand Final Footy Show 2018. Picture: Channel 9
Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman at the Grand Final Footy Show 2018. Picture: Channel 9

"He walked away as I asked for help … we're desperate, and the people we look to when we are desperate are our leaders.

"He wasn't here to help us was he."

Yesterday a firefighter from Nelligen driving a truck made the news for his choice words to Mr Morrison, stopping briefly to issue a colourful message when he noticed a camera on the side of the road.

"Are you from the media?" he asked a Channel 7 reporter. "Tell the Prime Minster to go and get f*****, from Nelligen.

"We really enjoy doing this s***," he added sarcastically.

Another firefighter also had a message for Mr Morrison. "Stand down now. You don't deserve to govern," she said.

"You knew this was coming - it's been coming for a few years.

"You've been totally ignorant of it and now we're wearing your problems."