THE FULL RANGE: Electrician Mathew Castley from MLC Platinum Trade Services.
THE FULL RANGE: Electrician Mathew Castley from MLC Platinum Trade Services. Renee Albrecht

News business is powering on, across Gympie region

ELECTRICIAN Mathew Castley is not quite a one-stop shop, but with the help of the other contractors he has on his books, he says there is not much he can't get done.

And that means whatever is needed, for almost any household or business - including your home, farm, factory or shop.

"We combine all kinds of electrical work with diesel fitting,” he said.

Those two very different skills are the foundation of his new business, MLC Platinum Trade Services.

And if they make what sounds like an unusual mixture, Mr Castley says it is a combination that often comes in handy.

"Farmers like what we do because we can fix the tractor and rewire the house in one visit.”

His truck is also his mobile office; and mobility is the name of the game for a business that serves a large area within a radius of 120km around Gympie.

"We cover the whole of Queensland if it's a big enough job, but mostly we operate in Gympie and the larger region,” he said.

And if the job at hand needs other skills as well, Mr Castley says he can easily line up whatever else might be needed.

"We do all kinds of electrical work - domestic, commercial and industrial and we can do a range of jobs in one call-out.

"If people also need some other work done, we can find the best people for that too.”

Mr Castley bought an existing business in January, one which had been active in the near-Gympie area since 2011.

"There's me and a regular subcontractor who has dual qualifications in electrical and diesel trades.

"There's not much we can't do or arrange for people,” he said.

Check out the MLC Platinum Services Facebook page for contact details, or ring Mathew on 0487 881 056.