IF North Korean leader Kim Jong-un needed another reason to launch his attack on the West, he need not look any further than news.com.au

Rupert Murdoch's biggest news site has launched its own video to 'make sense' of warnings that war could break out any time now.

"The obvious ploy on a news website like this would have been to enlist a foreign affairs expert,'' the report says.

"That expert could have explained whether this is all elaborate posturing by Kim Jong-un in the name of domestic popularity, or a serious attempt to destroy the evil capitalist west.

"But then we thought, no one really knows what the guy is up to, so we'll try to explain this delicate, possibly world-ending situation, through the lens of pop culture.''

The video, set to Gangnam Style, is less than flattering.

"South Korea's under threat from the North's lunatic dictator

"His face is like a dropped pie or perhaps just mashed potater (sic),'' it says.

"He's enslaved a nation and made small children dance like Jacko

"His name's Kim Jong Un and he's an A-grade Wacko.''

The video follows a similar one by Barely Political on YouTube months ago (top video).

We just hope that Kim Jong-un has a sense of humour and that this video doesn't come up in his Google alerts.