Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Vicki Wood

Newspoll sees personal support for Tony Abbott drop

TONY Abbott's personal support fell and dissatisfaction with his work as Prime Minister dropped in the past two weeks, the latest Newspoll shows.

The Newspoll, published in The Australian on Tuesday, showed dissatisfaction with the new PM fell four percentage points to 34 since October.

While the Coalition maintained a 53 to 47 lead over Labor in the two-party preferred poll, the government's primary support fell from 47% to 45%.

The support for Opposition leader Bill Shorten also grew in the past fortnight, up five points from 32 to 37 percentage points.

Primary support for The Greens also rose from 10% to 12% since October, significantly higher than the 8.7% average vote they got at the September election.