Country music singer Lee Kernaghan.
Country music singer Lee Kernaghan.

CMC Awards: It's a night to rock for Lee Kernaghan

He's a legend in every sense of the word, but despite celebrating his 25 year country music career at the Foxtel Country Music Channel Awards on Thursday night, Lee Kernaghan is a little sidetracked.

"I'm incredibly excited, not just about the awards but the dress my wife is going to wear," Lee says.

"I've seen a few contenders and it's going to be great.

"I'd describe them as...chic, country - hot.

"The CMCs are glamour plus - if you think you know everything about country, wait until the CMCs."

While obviously very proud of his wife, Lee has plenty more to be proud of, including an OAM, over two million Australian album sales, 34 No. 1 hits, 36 Golden Guitars, 4 ARIA awards and Australian of the Year.

Tomorrow night's award ceremony is almost a two birds, one stone scenario for Lee - celebrating his achievements with some of his oldest, closest friends in the industry.

Oh, and he's also up for Australian Artist of the Year, Australian Male Artist of the Year and being inducted into the CMC Hall of Fame.

"There's a real sense of celebration for the 25th anniversary tour and album," he says.

"I really am so excited for the new album, there's 13 new songs, and duets with some really amazing artists like The Mcclymonts, Kasey Chambers, John Williamson and James Blundell.

"It's a bit of an epic time for me"

For anyone unfamiliar with the CMC awards, it's the largest annual fan-voted award in Australian country music, which Lee is in full support of.

"The greatest thing about the CMCs is that it's not some obscure judging panel, it's the people," he says.

"The fans - they matter the most.

"There's an incredible sense of excitement and spirit at the CMCs.

"It really is the cream of the crop and some of the finest artists in the world making their way to the GC."

It's the first time in seven years our city has played host to the awards, and Lee, a Gold Coast man himself, couldn't be happier.

"I was born in Victoria but I've been living in Queensland for 20 years and there's a saying that the cream always rises to the top," he says.

"So to all the newcomers living in Queensland I say welcome to the best state in Australia.

"Queensland was very much the birth of the Outback Club, Gatton College at Darling Downs was where the first sparks of popularity appeared.

"Everyone's a member of the outback club, I've met a whole lot of them over the last 25 years - shook a lot of hands and kissed a lot of babies."

Needless to say, it's going to be a big night for Lee in every sense of the word, so if you see him on TV the next morning looking a little worse for wear, you'll know why.

"It's kind of night and event where you just wanna party 'til the cows come home," Lee says.

"But I'm going to have to be mindful of a TV appearance I have the next morning - so I might be hung-over but hopefully not completely obliterated.

"Yeah my manager must hate me."