Avoid clutter and an unmade bed.
Avoid clutter and an unmade bed.

Items in your home that scream ‘unsophisticated’

THE unexpected guest dropping over has had us all shoving mess into the nearest cupboard, drawer or even under the sofa.

As we swear under our breath and promise to embrace Scandi minimalism and read up on Feng Shui, here's nine tips which you can easily make to boost your living space.


It may make you think of your mother's advice, but an unmade bed can bring down an entire room.

MyDomaine revealed that a properly made bed makes the right first impression - and not just on guests but on yourself when you return home.

Avoid clutter and an unmade bed.
Avoid clutter and an unmade bed.


It makes the room feel relaxing and gives off a positive vibe, so it's worth adding a few extra minutes to your day to make sure it's done.

And if you're a fan of cushions and spreads, but find it takes too long to make up in the morning, simplify it.


This is something we're all guilty of, but it can really make a space feel unwelcoming.

If there's too much going on it can make your house feel smaller and chaotic.

Take some time each day to clear and streamline the areas which get most crowded, for example the coffee table or a desk.


You may not have given a second thought to your light bulb - or even know which ones you have - but fluorescent lighting should be avoided.

The harsh light can make your space - and guests - washed out.

Switch to a softer, warmer glow to help your home look more inviting.


Another one you may have never given a second thought to, but vertical blinds are a big no-no.

Say no to vertical blinds.
Say no to vertical blinds.

They evoke nursing homes, hospitals and other functional buildings.

If you're renting, it can be hard to avoid or remove them.

But Mydomaine recommends boxing in the rail, or putting curtains in front of the blinds to disguise them.


Another one of modern life's fixtures, wires seem to everywhere.

From your TV, internet, phones and other tech lying around, some corners can end up looking messy and cluttered.

Street clear of tangled cords.
Street clear of tangled cords.

While you may not be able to afford buying wireless versions of everything, try creative solutions to tidy away those pesky wires.

If you can't afford a new TV, try mounting it on the wall with the wires tucked neatly behind.

Keep your other wires untangled, and store them out of sight when you're not using them.

For wires which are in use 24/7, try getting pieces of furniture which can easily hide them.


Every home has windows, but when was the last time you cleaned yours?

Give those dirty windows a good scrub.
Give those dirty windows a good scrub.


Simply giving them a quick scrub can really lift a room.

It will let more light in, and the view will improve out of sight.


If you have pint glasses strewn around filled with flowers, you need to invest in a good vase.

Make sure to go for an elegant, classic piece which will match your home.

There are plenty of cheap options out there, so try your local op-shop or antique fair.


These can really be hit and miss, and we've all spotted some horrors in the past.

The right shade keeps your lamp nice and bright.
The right shade keeps your lamp nice and bright.

To brighten up a room without spending too much, try replacing some lampshades.

Old ones, especially paper, can get dirty and dusty over time, and end up looking dated.

Often the lampshades that come with the lamp aren't the best quality, so swap it for something which reflects your own taste.

Give your lamp a new lease of life with a brand new shade.


If you've got posters stuck on the wall with Blu-Tac, it's time to invest in some frames.

All you need is a frame.
All you need is a frame.

This will instantly transform your pad from share house to chic apartment.

Just make sure you go for the right one, picking styles that go with your furniture and decor.

And try and get non-reflective glass if possible.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.