NOT ON YOUR NELLY: Branch President of the Lismore CWA, Jan Clifford of Goonellabah, cooking up a storm.
NOT ON YOUR NELLY: Branch President of the Lismore CWA, Jan Clifford of Goonellabah, cooking up a storm. Patrick Gorbunovs

No cake mix for NSW CWA

AN UNPRECEDENTED move by the Queensland Country Women's Association to allow packet-mix cakes into their baking competitions will not be replicated in NSW.

While social media sites have been brimming with news of the shock shift in policy north of the border, Lismore CWA president Jan Clifford said there was nothing like that on the agenda of their upcoming state cooking competition next month in Moree.

"Our cakes are all made from normal ingredients and will continue to be," she said with a chuckle.

"There's a big difference between natural ingredients and packet cakes."

Mackay CWA branch president LaVerne White said this week the Queensland move was a bid to encourage younger cooks into their baking competitions.

And it's not the only rule they've changed.

Those taking part in the competitions are now able to enter cakes baked from their own recipes.

Previously they only were allowed to bake from CWA-approved recipes.

Mrs White said she liked to bake the CWA's cinnamon tea cake and her efforts have previously won state competitions.

She said that allowing people to use their own recipes had raised more eyebrows than the introduction of a packet cake category.

"It doesn't say we need to have the ingredients listed, so whatever you put in is your choice," she said.

Mrs Clifford said that rule also would not apply to NSW members.

"We don't have specific recipes (like Queensland) because everyone does things differently," she said.

"We have a list of categories which is changed each year and it does have the traditional fruit cake and plum pudding etc, but they can all use their own recipes.

"Currently we are getting young people joining but we have children's categories for that.

"We have the under-18 and the under-12 categories and we have a few young boys who enter in the junior sections.

If you want to try some CWA-approved recipes, the association sells a range of cookbooks on its website and has some recipes available for free on Facebook.