Debbie and Bernie Healey, the new managers of Gympie's Royal Hotel.
Debbie and Bernie Healey, the new managers of Gympie's Royal Hotel. Troy Jegers

No d*******s in my pub: New Royal managers keep tough stance

New Royal Hotel owners arrive in Gympie: New owners of the Royal Hotel Bernie and Debbie Healey speak on their arrival in Gympie.

THE Royal Hotel became famous for its zero tolerance policy on drunken violence and bullying under previous owners Linc and Stacey Phelps, and new managers Bernie and Debbie Healey say that won't be changing any time soon.

Mr and Mrs Healey took over management of the popular pub in a whirlwind move from Townsville on Monday, after Stacey announced she and Linc had handed the business back to the long-time landlords.

The Healeys bring around 23 years of experience in the industry to the new venture following previous stints in the likes of Newcastle, Darwin, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay and Taree.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Sudden new management at Royal Hotel

Mr Healey said the Phelps' stance on antisocial behaviour would be carried on through the Royal's next chapter.

"People who get really drunk and play up, if you get a bit funny I'll say mate you've got to go, if you want to sit there and argue with me and waste an hour of my life you're not coming back,” he said.

"I run my pubs like my house. If I wouldn't have you in my lounge room I'm not having you in my bar, this is my home.

"If I don't like you and the other 15 people having a beer at the bar don't like you you're not coming in.

Mr Healey said the pub would be welcoming to all except proven troublemakers.

"If I know that you're a d******d when you're on the p**s, I can't serve you.

"Our duty of care is to give our staff a safe workplace and the other patrons.

"Pubs are there to be fun, we're not going to be the fun police, but don't be a d*****d.”

Mr Healey said his family was feeling "fresh” and ready to begin the new chapter of their lives in new surroundings.

He said the Royal remains open for business while they complete the process of finding new staff.