Yellow light at Bruce highway and Monkland st
Yellow light at Bruce highway and Monkland st Troy Jegers

'No faults' at traffic lights despite complaints

THE Department of Transport and Main Roads says there are no issues with the traffic lights at the Bruce Highway-Monkland St intersection, amid claims the yellow lights change to red too quickly.

"We have investigated the matter and no faults were identified," a spokesman said.

"Most urban intersections have an amber time of four to six seconds. This amber time provides a safe transition period before the next phase."

Traveller Ray Wilson was towing his campervan southbound through the intersection on Easter Tuesday when, though green when he entered, the lights turned red when he had "barely" made it through the other side.

The intersection has had red light cameras installed since last year.

"The standard time setting for yellow lights is between four and six seconds, and this was barely one second before they turned red," Mr Wilson said.

"When I crossed the line to enter the intersection it was green, by the time I got to the other side it was already red.

"If I was to get fined for this it's pretty unfair, I would have thought."